Britain's Got Talent - Stavros Flatley

Arguably, the funniest act ever on ITV's Britain's Got Talent. We caught up with Demetri, the Dad from the extremely funny father-son duo.



What influence did your dad have on you as a kid?

My dad died when I was 5 so I was always trying remember things about him. He had his own business, so he used to finish late. I would stay awake until he came home as every day he would bring me a small present.. His shop was next to a toy shop, so he would grab something small when he left work. He was a good man and I always ask people that knew him, what he was like.

What do you think makes a great dad?

Listening to your kids and not just telling them what to do - giving them a reason. The worst thing someone can do, is tell someone to do something with no reason! Just take a minute and explain why - otherwise it makes them feel that they have no say - making them misbehave.

How did you react when you found out you were going to be dad - the good things and the not so good?

For me, it was all goo. It was a really good feeling. However, the labour was my worst nightmare come true! Sometimes I look back and think that the waiting for 32hours was my all time worst thing -  but its worth it and when the baby comes... you forget all the stress! I cannot repeat the fact that I had a hard time in front of my missus -  and I will deny saying that when she reads this! I'm such a 'wuss' really.

You appear to have a great realtionship with your son - have you always been close?
Yes. I would like to take all the credit for that, but he is a lovley kid. I'm so proud of him and my daughter too.  She is into horseriding, so we are always watching her in competitions. I never thought my son and I would go around the world together and do some of things we have done. It's a true blessing, what has happened to us  and some of the stories we have, and the people we have met, are just amazing. It's surreal but it's the most fun ever.

How did the dancing come about?

It was meant to be a joke - we were going to go on the show to dance for a gag,  then come home!

Has the BGT experience changed your relationship as a parent-child? For the better?

We look out for each other  -  not just me looking out for him!

Do you think dads can be as close to their child as the mum can?

Absolutely...tell them you love them every day  and the rest is easy.

Do you think its important for a site like to happen for dads?

It's a great idea! It's always good to share experiences with others. Men should never be afraid to ask others advice - I'm allways asking advice from friends and family.

Whats the best advice you can give for any dads and their kids thinking of venturing into something together?

Have fun and don't take it too seriously. It can't disappoint if its only a bit of fun.


Wise words from Demi! What a lovely guy and clearly a man that understands the essence of fun in parenting. Dadzclub Team

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