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Feel like treating your expectant partner to some great maternity clothing? We have an exclusive 10% discount for you.

Right, the test results are in. It's positive. You’re going to be a Dad (possibly again!). That's great news!

At some point on your journey to parenthood, your partner is going to need some maternity clothes to cover that growing bump of hers. The great news is that lovely maternity clothes are easy to come by and you don't have to spend hours traipsing round the shops to find them.

Below are some great tips from Amanda Rees from Bumpalicious Maternity. Visit their site at www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk and QUOTE DadzClub for a 10% discount.

Why not surprise her with a few pieces that make her look gorgeous and feel special? Just think of all those Brownie points!

Here are some thoughts on key pieces and things to remember:

- remember that your partner is pregnant. She is not ill. She still wants to wear clothing that bears some resemblance to the clothes she wore pre-pregnancy. Stick with the styles and colours she likes and wears. Maternity clothes follow the current trends as far as they can and come in all colours. However, remember that black is a flattering colour as it helps to slim out a pregnant shape.

- maternity clothing is designed to make room for the bump so you should buy the same size that your partner wore  before she was expecting. It is made from good quality fabrics that are designed to stretch without going out of shape. It really is better to wear proper maternity wear than to go a size up in everything.

- resist the urge to always go baggy. A fitted top or dress will show off your partner's bump in the best way and really flatter her new shape. Something fitted such as a wrap dress or fitted t-shirt with side ruching is much more flattering than a huge smock top that can double up as a weekend tent!

- pregnancy is sexy. Buy maternity clothes that reflect the style and personality of your partner. If she looks good on the outside she is more likely to be confident in her new shape and feel great on the inside. Being pregnant is a strange experience and most mums-to-be especially first time mums, need reassurance that they still look wonderful, albeit a little rounder (in all the right places!). Tell her how great she looks!

- maternity jeans are an essential in any maternity wardrobe. These come in under or over the bump designs. It depends on which style your partner is more comfortable with. A great pair of properly fitting maternity jeans look fantastic and should last throughout the whole pregnancy. They are also great for when the baby is born as they provide much needed support and shape.

- I'd also recommend at least one special maternity dress that can be worn on evenings out and other special occasions. It will be really important to your partner that she has at least one outfit that she can dress up and feel glamorous in.  Try a piece of glamorous maternity evening wear.

- nightwear/loungewear  is really important. When you're expecting it is lovely to have something comfortable to relax in that is designed for your new shape rather than stretching into your existing comfies. A pair of maternity pyjamas are a really good investment as they last all pregnancy and can be worn once the baby arrives such as when you welcome visitors and your partner wants something comfortable but smart to wear. They are also designed for breastfeeding which really helps for night time feeds.

- if your partner is working she will need some maternity work wear. If she works in an office a lovely flared black skirt teamed with a fitted white blouse looks very stylish. Add a colourful wrap effect dress and perhaps a maternity trouser suit and she has a capsule maternity work wardrobe.

-  good underwear is essential. If possible, make sure that your partner is measured so that she buys a maternity bra that fits her properly, is comfortable and supportive.

- other must haves include some really supportive, fitted t-shirts, a trendy denim maternity skirt and some supportive maternity leggings.

Most women wear their maternity clothes for at least three/six moths after the baby has arrived. This makes them a really sensible investment. Gorgeous maternity clothes really can help your partner to retain her sense of identity and confidence during her pregnancy. It is also lovely for her if you treat her every now and then.

Bumpalicious Maternity embraces the philosophy that pregnancy is beautiful and that all pregnant women should be able to find maternity clothes that makes them look and feel gorgeous at such a special time. We welcome enquiries from both mums and dads to be. We also offer a one-to-one shopping service if you live in the Midlands region. Please don't be afraid to ask!

Here are some great ideas for you:

Capsule maternity work wardrobe

Bumpalicious black skirt : £28.00 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-skirts/bumpalicious-black-maternity-skirt

White maternity shirt: £45.00 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-tops-and-maternity-shirts/crave-white-maternity-shirt

Black maternity trouser suit: jacket: £110 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-office-wear/crave-neo-maternity-suit-jacket

Black maternity office trousers: £65.00 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-jeans-maternity-trousers-and-maternity-shorts/crave-neo-pull-on-maternity-trouser?pop=0

Bumpalicious colourful maternity work dress: http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-dresses/bumpalicious-frill-sleeve-raspberry-maternity-dress


Dresses for a special occasion

Black lace detail maternity dress: £85.00 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-dresses/bumpalicious-black-lace-maternity-dress

Blue satin maternity dress: £102 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-dresses/ripe-alexis-blue-satin-maternity-dress


Maternity jeans

Maternity jeggings (these are skinny almost like leggings and under the bump): £49.99 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-dresses/ripe-alexis-blue-satin-maternity-dress

Essential dark blue maternity jeans (a great value pair, over the bump and slight flare): £39.99 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-jeans-maternity-trousers-and-maternity-shorts/dark-blue-essential-maternity-jeans

Dark blue comfortable maternity jeans (these are more roomy in a heavier denim, over the bump): £44.99 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-jeans-maternity-trousers-and-maternity-shorts/valja-dark-blue-longer-length-maternity-jeans-size-12-only


Sexy maternity

Black maternity trousers in the style of Olivia Newton John (figure hugging but comfortable): £34.99 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-jeans-maternity-trousers-and-maternity-shorts/sexy-black-maternity-trousers

Black satin maternity dress: £110.00 http://www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk/best-sellers/maternity-dresses/bumpalicious-black-satin-maternity-dress


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