Dean Beaumont

antenatal practicioner

Dean Beaumont is the UK’s only fully qualified male antenatal educator. We are proud to have him on the team.

To introduce myself, I am Dean Beaumont the UK’s only fully qualified male antenatal educator and Founder of DaddyNatal. More importantly I am a dad of two wonderful children, Oren who is 3 and Willow who is two.

When I first heard of Dadzclub if I am honest I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I have seen other sites launch, normally with an agenda, or only to become out of date in a short space of time. Having spoken to Craig (the founder) at some length and then having the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely family, I have realised that Dadzclub will become the resource dads sorely need. Craig’s passion and outlook is amazing and can only be admired. His ideals and vision are very similar to my own, so I am honoured to be involved with it.

Dads have to spend an amazing amount of time to try and find information that is relevant to them - piecing bits together from numerous places, now they will have a single port of call that will either supply the information or roadmap them to where they can find it.

I will be offering support via the site for expectant and new fathers. I created DaddyNatal after the birth of my first child, the memory slightly spoiled by feelings of guilt. These feelings have now receeded, because I came to realise it wasn’t that I had done anything wrong or been lazy, it was simple there wasn’t the support and information available to properly prepare us men.

I work specifically with expectant dads in the main part (although I do also co run couples classes with my partner Steph of Bump Birth and Beyond) and have tailored the course to cover all things from a male perspective. I also run a blog on DaddyNatal offering tips and advice on a number of topics which is constantly updated.

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