dads love bathtimes

JOHNSONS Baby have performed a survey of over 1000 parents which has showed dads look forward to bath times.

Bath time with baby is one of the most magical experiences a mummy or daddy can have with their little one. Not only does it support skin to skin contact, which can help you develop a strong bond with your baby, but it can also be a whole lotta fun!

A survey* by the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby found that Dads can’t wait to get home to share bubblin’ fun with mum and baby – over half of dads (55%) have thought about it by the time they leave work. One in ten dads (10%) say they look forward to bathing their baby by lunchtime, building to 55% by the time they start their commute. Almost a third of dads (30%) admitted they have rushed home to share ‘splishy splashy’ bath time fun with mum and their little one.

With 100 years of baby expertise, the JOHNSON’S® Baby team  understand how important bath time can be to help parents spend quality time with their baby. The survey of 1,000 mums and dads found that bath time is a key bonding moment for both, but especially for dads – 37% said the magical fun of their baby’s bath time is one of the most important bonding times they share with their child.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby survey also found that 45% of parents agreed that the most important element of bath time is having “lots of fun”, followed by “having one on one time” (23%) and also having “skin to skin contact with baby” (11%).

Family time
41% of parents said bath time is a shared experience, looked after by both mummy and daddy.

Giggle monsters
Over a quarter (26%) of mums and dads get more coos and giggles out of their little one at bath time than any other time of the day.

To help you make the most of your baby bath times and to promote the launch of the NEW JOHNSON’S® Baby 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash, the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand has teamed up with Andrew Clover, comedian and author of ‘Dad Rules’. Andrew hopes to inspire dads (and mums) in a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect bubbly bath you and your little one will love.


“Preparing the bath is in itself a game and is the essence of creating the right atmosphere for your ‘one-on-one time’ without any distractions. The placing of the plug, and turning of the tap are the jobs for an adult, but the squirting of the bubble bath, that is a privilege fought for by the eager child who is like a wizard, conjuring mountains of foam. (Word of warning: sometimes you must stop the wizard, or they’ll use the entire potion!)”

“There are endless debates about the best way of raising the bubbles, which in itself encourages play. In my experience, the shower must be used. But if you have ambitions of making great storm clouds of bubbles then the water must be blasted from a low angle. In August 1978, my brothers and I created 22 inches of bubbles. To our knowledge this remains the World Record. Can it be beaten? Feel free to try.”

“Creating your own ‘bubble bath world’ is essential for getting the most of your bonding experience. In our house, the most common game uses every single cup, lid and plastic animal. These are filled with bubbles and declared to be ice cream. The bathroom is now proclaimed a shop. People must be summoned to it, and they must put in a good request, for example: “Ooh… I’d like lemon ice cream, please, and the Gruffalo would like… coconut sorbet on an ice cream frog.” At a request like this, the vendor glows with pride. “Yes” they say, “there you go!”

“Bubbles are great for games and are perfect for making a funny beard, eyebrows or hairstyles, such as the Mohican, devil horns or Elvis quiff. More experienced stylists like to create a chest wig, my big brother caused hysteria the first time he did underarm hair. (Advanced bathers can also use the shower headas a microphone).”

“The inclusion of toys in the bath, whether bath suited or not, are based on family preference but can really strengthen your little ones bath time experience, encouraging them to spend more time in the bath.”

“For instance, are Barbies allowed in the bath? This is where it gets controversial. Things got very heated in our house when I stupidly encouraged all nine Barbies to dive in. Now only two Barbies are allowed – Mermaid Barbie and Prince. If Prince wants to bathe, he must strip down to his plastic pants, and afterwards dry on the radiator. Our bath times now usually involve Prince and Mermaid, swimming through the archway under the knees, while Peppa Pig sails overhead and the ducks line up next to the many ice creams, which line the top of the slide.”

“It’s at these moments we feel we have created the most perfect, the most delightful bath time games possible. But you might invent your own based on the toys or style of bath you have!”

A final word from the survey sponsors:Bubble Bath

With these bubblin’ tips, the JOHNSON’S® Baby team want you and your little one to be encouraged to have happy, playful bath times with an abundance of big, blobby bubbles! Understanding that some bubble baths can sting baby’s eyes – putting a dampener on bath time fun – the JOHNSON’S® Baby experts have developed NEW JOHNSON’S® Baby 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash. Either added to bathwater or directly on a sponge or cloth, it is specially designed to make lots of gentle bubbles that your little ones will enjoy, creating a fun and happy experience for you both.

The pure, mild and gentle formula gently cleanses baby’s skin without drying, leaving skin feeling baby soft and smelling baby fresh. What’s more, with its unique NO MORE TEARS® formula, JOHNSON’S® Baby 2in1 Bubble Bath & Wash is also mild to the eyes – perfect for splashing about in and sharing bath time fun with your little one before bedtime!

*Survey of 1,000 parents, conducted by 72 Point, July 2011

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    • Charlie Hunter
    • Tuesday 07 January 2014 9:56 PM
    • Loved the Wizards and the 'mountains of foam'..brilliant!

      Something I never knew existed (why would I) - Peppa Pig Foam Soap!'s sculptable and we use it to create objects on the wall that just get splattered! Great fun

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