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lego ninjago


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LEGO® NINJAGO, the snakes are coming…Spin your way to survival in a battle of skill, strategy and s.. read more...

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After a time of peace in Ninjago our four Ninja heroes, Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay are about to face a new dangerous enemy… Lloyd Garmadon, son of their arch enemy Lord Garmadon, has unleashed four ancient breeds of sinister snake people with magic weapons and unique powers! Meanwhile… A derelict ship becomes the new ninja headquarters and inventive Jay turns it into a flying fortress. Their weapons prove to have more powers than meets the eye, so Sensei Wu teaches them to turn the weapons into powerful vehicles to aid them in their fight against the snakes!

One ninja will rise above the rest and become the green ninja to fight the ultimate battle… but who?


Spinjitzu Spinners (RRP£7.49) & Booster Packs (RRP £3.99)

spinjitzu spinnersbooster packs

Battle good vs. evils with the all new Spinjitzu Spinners. Each single Spinner pack includes a LEGO Minifigure, defence shields, unique golden weapon, two new cool regular weapons, character card and four battle cards. Power up! The 2012 Spinners are now available to customize so you can enhance and personalise your spinner and spin to victory with collectable Booster Packs!


Kai’s Blade Cycle (9441 RRP £12.99)

kais blade cycle

Race after Rattla on Kai’s Blade Cycle! Don’t let him get away with the golden Hypnobrai staff and the anti-venom hidden inside! Can Kai defeat his mind-controlling menace with the Blade Cycle’s big blade attack? Watch out for Rattla’s hypnotic stare and tail as you battle for the prize! Includes Kai ZX and Rattla minifigures, golden Hypnobrai staff and 2 ninja swords.


Rattle Copter (9443 RRP £24.99)

rattle copter

Lloyd Garmadon is getting away with the golden Constrictai staff – until he gets cornered by Fang-Suei, a fearsome soldier of the Fangpyre snake tribe. Will Lloyd taste the bite of Fang-Suei’s Rattle Copter? Help Kai to swoop in on his fire-powered jetpack to snatch the staff and rescue Lloyd! Beware of the Fangpyre’s bite and its power to turn people into snakes! Grab the staff and the anti-venom hidden inside as you blast out of there! Includes Kai ZX, Lloyd Garmadon and Fang-Suei minifigures, Rattlecopter, golden Constrictai staff, 3 weapons, 2 mini-snakes and jet-pack.

Tread Assault vehicle (9444 RRP £29.99)

tread assault

The General of the Hypnobrai snake tribe, Skales, is using mind control to stop Cole from taking the golden Hypnobrai staff with its powerful anti-venom. Counterattack his hypnotic powers with Cole's Tread Assault vehicle. Launch the rock shooter and ninja blades! Flip the Tread Assault vehicle over for a surprise attack! Includes Cole ZX and Skales minifigures, Tread Assault vehicle, golden Hypnobrai staff, golden scythe and mini-snake.


Fangpyre Truck Ambush set (9445 RRP £39.99)


Zane and Jay are making a getaway with the golden Fangpyre staff until the General of the Fangpyre snake tribe, Fangtom, sends his accomplice warrior Fangdam on an ambush attack. Help Zane and Jay to outrun Fangdam with the Fangpyre Truck Ambush set with Zane’s elemental snowmobile! Activate the snowmobile’s ice sprayer to skid out of trouble on any terrain Includes Zane ZX, Jay ZX, Fangtom and Fangdam minifigures, Fangpyre Truck, Zane’s snowmobile, golden Fangpyre staff and 4 weapons.


Destiny’s Bounty (9446 SRP £59.99)

destinys bounty

On a dangerous journey aboard Destiny’s Bounty, an ancient shipwreck, Sensei Wu and the ninja have located the powerful golden Hypnobrai staff deep inside of the secret snake shrine. As they land the flying ship in the water to seize the staff, Zane and Jay get a scaly surprise from Hypnobrai General Skales and his accomplice warrior, Slithraa. Can Sensei Wu protect the Ninjago treasures onboard without the help of the ninjas? Includes 6 minifigures: Sensei Wu, Kendo Zane, Kendo Jay, Lord Garmadon, Skales and Slithraa; Destiny’s Bounty ninja ship, snake staff shrine, golden Hypnobrai staff and 16 weapons.


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LEGO Ninjago spinners and play sets are suitable for ages 7+ and are available from all good toy shops nationwide.


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