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dadzclub reviewed this Rastamouse toy from the popular CBeebies show of the same name. read more...

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From the Manufacturer:

Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew

New for little ones is a brand new collection from Character Options – Rastamouse.  Having just launched, fans of Da Easy Crew are now able to get their hands on all the plush characters from the cult CBBC series. This eagerly awaited range is in hot demand as Rastamouse’s quest to “make a bad ting good” reaches new heights with new episodes and music releases in place!

Rastamouse is not just popular with children under six; the reggae-loving, crime-fighting, special agent and his friends Scratchy and Zoomer – Da Easy Crew - have achieved cult status. Following the launch of the CBeebies TV series in January 2011 the show has risen to become one the CBeebies’s top animated programmes, whilst Youtube clips of the action are receiving hundreds of thousands of hits.  The Series depicts Rastamouse, voiced by favourite BBC Radio One presenter, Reggie Yates, and  Da Easy Crew solving mysteries and catching teefin’ criminals whilst inspiring kids with their fun storylines.


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